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State of Europe's Forests 2003: the MCPFE report on sustainable forest management in Europe

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleState of Europe's Forests 2003: the MCPFE report on sustainable forest management in Europe
CreatorMinisterial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE) Liaison Unit Vienna; United Nations Economic Commission for Europe/Food and Agricultural Organization (UNECE/FAO)
DescriptionThe State of Europe’s Forests 2003 gives an overview on forests and paints a picture of the status of sustainable forest management in Europe. It is structured according to the six Pan-European Criteria for Sustainable Forest Management (Forest resources and their contribution to global carbon cycles; Forest ecosystem health and vitality; Productive functions of forests; Biological diversity in forest ecosystems; Protective functions in forest management; Other socio-economic functions and conditions), which define the goals of sustainable forest management. In the report Europe comprises the 44 countries of the MCPFE. These are listed in Annex II of the report. The report is mainly based on forest resource assessment data of UNECE/FAO (2000), FAO (2001), some additional information of other approved sources and updates of the forest resource assessment data, which were conducted by UNECE/FAO and MCPFE in 2002. Additionally, new data on protected and protective forest areas were collected by UNECE and MCPFE in 2002 according to the MCPFE Assessment Guidelines for Protected and Protective Forest and Other Wooded Land in Europe. A special focus of this report is on changes that occurred in European forests between former forest resource assessments and the recent updates provided specifically for this report. Studying these changes provides an insight into the development of Europe's forests.
Keywordsforest resources; biodiversity; carbon sequestration; carbon cycle; forest products; reports; criteria and indicators; C&I; sustainable forest management
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 Published: April 3 2007 | Last updated: January 31 2013