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Nationally Designated Areas (National - CDDA)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleNationally Designated Areas (National - CDDA)
CreatorEuropean Topic Centre on Biological Diversity
DescriptionThe European inventory of nationally designated areas holds information about protected sites and about the national legislative instruments, which directly or indirectly create protected areas. The inventory began under the CORINE programme. It is now maintained for EEA by the European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity and is annually updated through Eionet. EEA provides the European inventory of nationally designated areas to the World Database of Protected Areas (WDPA) and to Eurostat. The database can be downloaded from the EEA Data Service. The nationally designated areas data can also be queried online in the European Nature Information System (EUNIS). The inventory is the national module of the Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA) which also includes information on areas designated under European Community legislation and areas designated under international conventions.
Keywordsprotected areas; protected forest areas; databases
TypeCountry data, Databases
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 Published: April 4 2007 | Last updated: June 17 2016