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Agroforestry (PhD/MPhil)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleAgroforestry (PhD/MPhil)
2nd TitleUniversity of Wales, Bangor, UK
CreatorUniversity of Wales, Bangor
DescriptionResearch focuses on the interaction of people, agriculture and trees at a range of scales from ecophysiological interactions among system components through to landscape level effects, across both temperate and tropical environments, with a focus on multipurpose tree species and farm trees. Current research includes: Role of trees in the agricultural landscape; Formal representation of local ecological knowledge; Tree-crop-soil interactions; Autecology and domestication of indigenous tree species. The course can be taken by the international students partly from abroad, while studying in one's home country.
CountryUnited Kingdom
Keywordsagriculture; forestry; agroforestry; multipurpose tree species; multipurpose trees; higher education
TypeCurricula, Syllabuses
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 Published: April 5 2007 | Last updated: November 17 2015