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European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleEuropean Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
CreatorEuropean Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
DescriptionThe European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) is part of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). EBI has a fourfold mission: to provide freely available data and bioinformatics services to all facets of the scientific community in ways that promote scientific progress; to contribute to the advancement of biology through basic investigator-driven research in bioinformatics; to provide advanced bioinformatics training to scientists at all levels, from PhD students to independent investigators; to help disseminate cutting-edge technologies to industry. EMBL-EBI maintains and provides access to a number of databases. EMBL Nucleotide Database - Europe’s primary collection of nucleotide sequences is maintained in collaboration with Genbank (USA) and DDBJ (Japan); UniProt Knowledgebase - a complete annotated protein sequence database; Macromolecular Structure Database - European Project for the management and distribution of data on macromolecular structures; ArrayExpress - for gene expression data; Ensembl - Providing up to date completed metazoic genomes and the best possible automatic annotation; IntAct - Provides a freely available, open source database system and analysis tools for protein interaction data. Forest relevant data can be found - for example - using organism names.
Keywordsbioinformatics; molecular genetics; software; databases; genomics; sequencing; proteins; nucleotides; FASTA; BLAST; genomes; proteomes; microarrays
TypeDatabases, Research institutions and departments, Software
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 Published: April 13 2007 | Last updated: August 6 2007