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Skógræktarfélag Íslands

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleSkógræktarfélag Íslands
2nd TitleIcelandic Forestry Association
CreatorSkógræktarfélag Íslands
DescriptionThe Icelandic Forestry Association is a nationwide alliance of 60 local and regional forestry societies, with a combined membership of about 7500 people. The Association is a non-governmental organisation and is a major movement for nature conservation in Iceland. The main objective of local and regional societies is to promote tree planting, forestry and nature conservation. The societies co-operate closely with other organisations and local communities in working towards these objectives. Administrative work in the societies is mostly carried out by volunteers, as is much of the planting and other work the societies engage in.
LanguageEnglish, Icelandic
Keywordsassociations; societies; afforestation; forest planting; nature conservation
TypeAssociations, Non-government organizations
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 Published: April 19 2007 | Last updated: September 24 2009