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Countryside Management Association (CMA) [England and Wales]

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleCountryside Management Association (CMA) [England and Wales]
CreatorCountryside Management Association (CMA)
DescriptionThe CMA is an organisation representing professionals engaged in countryside and urban greenspace management throughout England and Wales. Formed in 1966, CMA links professionals working in a range of environments from Urban and Country Parks to National Parks, Local and National Nature Reserves and other protected areas. Members are employed in a variety of different roles from Rangers and Wardens to Project Officers, Rights of Way Officers and Ecologists and for a variety of organisations including Local Authorities, National Park Authorities, the Forestry Commission, National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, Water Authorities and English Nature. CMA’s diverse membership is linked by common themes such as conservation management, information and interpretation, environmental education, sustainability, social inclusion, recreation management and environmental protection. CMA aims to: be an effective and professional membership organisation offering a structure for continuing professional development; promote professional and sustainable development of the countryside and urban greenspace; inform the decision making process of organisations involved in the management of the countryside and urban greenspace; provide information, training and authoritative comment on countryside and urban greenspace issues.
CountryUnited Kingdom
Keywordsassociations; professionals
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 Published: April 24 2007 | Last updated: August 6 2007