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Centro de Ecologia Aplicada Prof. Baeta Neves (CEABN)

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleCentro de Ecologia Aplicada Prof. Baeta Neves (CEABN)
2nd TitleCentre for Applied Ecology Prof. Baeta Neves
CreatorCentro de Ecologia Aplicada Prof. Baeta Neves (CEABN)
DescriptionCEABN is a research centre within the Institute of Agronomy, Technical University of Lisbon. CEABN is located in the old house of Professor Baeta Neves, a forester after whom the centre is named and who pioneered the issue of Nature Conservation in Portugal. The CEABN team is composed of foresters, biologists and landscape architects most of them specialized in natural resource management. CEABN activities can be divided in 5 working areas that present specific objectives: Biodiversity in Agricultural and Forest Ecosystems; Wildlife Management; Fire Ecology and Management; Ecological Design and Landscape Architecture; Agro-Environment Education and Dissemination of Research Results.
LanguageEnglish, Portuguese
Keywordsforest research; forest fires; fire ecology; forest ecology; wildlife management; biodiversity
TypeResearch institutions and departments
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 Published: April 25 2007 | Last updated: January 12 2009