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RAIZ - Instituto de Investigação da Floresta e Papel

Data Source: EFI EUROFOREST Portal
TitleRAIZ - Instituto de Investigação da Floresta e Papel
2nd TitleRAIZ - Institute of Forest and Paper Research
CreatorRAIZ - Instituto de Investigação da Floresta e Papel
DescriptionRAIZ is a private non-profit research institute committed to supporting the competitiveness of the Portuguese Pulp and Paper Industry, through research, technology transfer and training. RAIZ was officially formed in September 1995 and initiated its activity in January 1996. RAIZ scope of action goes from tree to paper. Its mission results from the recurring need of the industry to identify priority areas for applied research, and optimize the cost/benefit ratio of different aspects of the forestry and industrial sectors, in order to assure its sustainability. RAIZ operates in three areas: Applied Research, Consultancy and Training. The specific objectives of RAIZ’s forestry research program are: Productivity increase of the Eucalyptus forest; To implement sustainable forest management practices; To decrease the cost of wood.
LanguageEnglish, Portuguese
KeywordsRAIZ; pulp and paper industry; forest research; Eucalyptus; Eucalyptus globulus
TypeResearch institutions and departments
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 Published: April 25 2007 | Last updated: August 6 2007